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MiniDisc Equipment Designation Information

Posté : mer. 06 mars 2019, 14:40
par PhilippeC
Allez je m'emmerde ce soir je créée un sujet juste parce que je trouve que Sony insiders disparaît un peu trop souvent du web en ce moment... Or il y a ce sujet toujours très important pour les débutants :bb: dans le MD (les vieux briscards :ane: comme nous connaissent ça par coeur).

'MZ-Rx' type models: Recorders.

'MZ-Ex' type models: Player-only units.

'MZ-Gx' type models: Recorders with radio remote.

'MZ-Dx' type models: Downloaders and lack any recording capabilities *"D" is used as an extension of the model number, i.e. MZ NH3D

'MZ-Nx' type models: NetMD capable.

'MZ-NEx' type models: NetMD downloaders.

'MZ-NHx' type models: Hi-MD units.

'MZ-EHx' type models: Hi-MD player-only units.

'MZ-DHx' type model: Hi-MD unit with camera module.

'MZ-RHx' type model: MZ-RH1 being the sole 3rd generation Hi-MD recorder. (*is also Mac-Compatible)

'MZ-Mx' type model: Mac-Compatible Hi-MD recorders. (*MZ-M10/M100; the MZ-M200 is essentially the MZ-RH1 with a bundled microphone)

*Note: models with 'F' suffix denotes units with tuner or tuner remote for listening to [but not recording from] the radio. *An example: the MZ NHF-800 is a NetMD capable Hi-MD unit with tuner remote.

The use of 'R' seems to have changed for the first generation of HiMD units, though this apparently will be back in use with 2005's models. [My thought on this is that 2004 'R' models are standard MD only; as Sony phases out MD entirely, HiMD will take over the 'R' designation.]

As for the numbers - they're more or less arbitrary. For a given model year, they're useful for distinguishing the base models from the higher-end models.

Try looking at the equipment browser on; if you trawl through some of the models there, you'll see what some of the differences are as far as the numbers go.

Re: MiniDisc Equipment Designation Information

Posté : jeu. 07 mars 2019, 09:59
par macaddict77
C'est clair que le forum Sony Insider saute de plus en plus fréquemment. Bizarre.
C'est tout de même bien de rappeler ce qui se cache derrière les désignations de produits Minidisc de chez Sony.

Re: MiniDisc Equipment Designation Information

Posté : jeu. 07 mars 2019, 12:40
par PhilippeC
Pass que, comme le site fourmille d'informations essentielles, on devrait peut-être (on devrait tout court) faire du copier-coller à outrance dans un topic spécialisé